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ishing is considered one of the most amazing ways of spending time with your family and friends or simply if you want to enjoy playing with water. For starting with fishing, you will require the best spinning reel.

It does not matter whether you are an expert or a novice fisherman; there are numerous real options you will come across in the market. Like various fishing tackle, these reels can surprisingly be expensive or inexpensive.

When you are searching for the spinning reel, you might face the difficulty of breaking down the brands and deciding which reel to select and proceed with.

You can cut short the process by first analyzing the type of fishing you adhere to but in case you think of heading with casting. I have curated an amazing infographic about how to choose best spinning reel. Take a look

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Then this article on Top Best spinning reel review is something you will find beneficial going through.

Best Spinning Reel 2017

However, these spinning reels are good enough to make it to our list of the top 10 best Spinning Reel 2017.

Looking for a budget spinning reel, then read the honest review of best spinning reel under $50-$150.

ReelBall Bearing 
Pflueger President Spinning Reel9 stainless steel BBCheck Price
PENN SpinFisher V spinning Reel5 stainless steel BB(+ 1 Reverse)Check Price
Shimano Stradic CI4+ Reels4 Electron with Carbon FibreCheck Price
Okuma Trio Standard Spinning Reel8 BB and 1 reverse BBCheck Price
Abu Garcia Pro Max Profile Spinning Reel7 BB and 1 RBCheck Price
Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT Reel10 stainless steel BBCheck Price
The Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Reel6 BBs & 1 anti-reverse BBCheck Price
PENN squall level wind reels SQL50LW2 BB & 1 roller bearingCheck Price
KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel6 Stainless steel BB 1 RBCheck Price
Daiwa Round Profile Reel2 Ball Bearings and 1 RBCheck Price

1. Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

This spinning reel from Pflueger is lightweight and has got a smooth drag. The reel body is made up of graphite and is reinforced with stainless steel made the main shaft.

Pflueger President Spinning reel consists of 9 stainless steel BB(Ball bearings) which make it one of the best options available in the market.

One among these ball bearings is anti-reverse which lowers you tension regarding the line shifting upon you.

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The spool of the spinning reel is made up of ported double anodized. Machined aluminum is also added with a line roller, coated line roller and spool lip which makes it easy for use.

Coming to the bail wire, it has been made using solid aluminum and comes with the sure-click bail which makes it easy for you to understand whether it is working or not.

  • The knob possesses soft touch feature which is why it can be adjusted easily as per your needs- irrespective of whether you are left handed or right handed anglers.
  • It’s 9 ball bearings make it a reliable option to head with.


  • The reel can be used in any fishing situations.
  • Though not rated particularly for saltwater, it can be used with ease for freshwater and saltwater.


This spinning reel has been praised by both veteran and rookie anglers along with all experienced levelers.

Hence you can feel free to walk ahead with it.

2. PENN SpinFisher V Spinning Reel

PENN SpinFisher V Spinning ReelThis one from PENN has been rated reliable for freshwater as well as saltwater.

Due to its capability of reeling in big fishes and the ease of dragging them out from the sea, PENN SpinFisher V spinning reel has gained immense popularity.

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This reel has been designed adhering to the state of the art technology ensuring that no salt water gets inside the structure and end up causing damage to it. Hence you can rely on it for saltwater fishing, pool fishing, and freshwater fishing and so on.

  • It comes with a fully sealed slammer drag system
  • It has got 3 HT 100 washers that work wonderfully in keeping the spin highly smooth.
  • Its metal body consists of a side plate that helps in keeping the gears aligned with perfection.
  • The spool is formed using machined-double anodized aluminum.
  • It also comes with 5 stainless steel made Ball bearings and one instant anti-reverse.


  • You can use this spinning reel with ease for fishing in any type of water body.
  • You can adjust the handle in an angle as per your convenience.


  • It is a bit heavier but is designed reliable for fishing under any challenging conditions.

If you are looking for catching big fishes or fishing under any extreme conditions, it is a spinning reel you can rely on.

3. Shimano Stradic CI4+ Reels

Shimano Stradic Ci4+Shimano is a well-respected and recognized the name in the market for fishing gears. Stradic CI4+ is reviewed as one of the best spinning reels under this brand coming at an affordable range.

Moving ahead, CI4+, in particular, refers to Carbon Interfusion whereby  ‘4’ stands for the number of electrons with respect to the carbon atom and ‘+’ symbol stands for the carbon fiber that is used for constructing this ultrasound yet light weighted reel.

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Compared to most other spinning reels available, Stradic CI4+ from Shimano is free from metal made the body and hence holds no chance of encountering rust.

Also, being constructed from high-quality tech materials; it meets almost all high-end tolerances reliably. The same has been verified during the construction process.

  • It comes with lightest frames compared to all spinning reels available in the market.
  • Its magnum lite rotor will give you a smooth rotation experience.
  • It comes with impetus line management structure along with a spool lip for prevention of snags in line.
  • It’s bail wire is simply a one-piece structure with one power roller, redesigned bail trip along with S-arm cam.
  • The handle and spool are completely machined aluminum made.


  • The handle comes with an EVA grip that eases its usage.
  • The reel is rated for usage with fluorocarbon, power pro, and monolines; can be used in saltwater without trouble.
  • It comes in two sizes- 4000 and 2500.


  • You can use this reel for fishing under extreme situations.

4. Okuma Trio Standard Spinning Reel

Okuma Trio Standard Spinning ReelThis spinning reel is one highly approved by professional anglers across the world. It is not only light weighted but also highly durable. It has been constructed taking into concern the state of the art technology.

The materials used for the construction of its body makes it suitable for fishing in both seawater and freshwater under any condition.

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The body is being made of graphite and aluminum, this spinning reel is highly durable as well as light weighted. Also, it comes with 8 BB and 1 reverse BB all of which being made of stainless steel keeps the drag very smooth.

Yet it is its modern technology-based construction and affordability that makes it a reliable choice.

  • This spinning reel from Okuma adheres to dual force precision drag system that maximizes its drag pressure at the same time maintaining the line highly smooth.
  • The reel is tested perfectly in terms of quality and reliability.
  • Its EVA knob enhances the possibility of reeling in agile fishes as well.
  • The hybrid spool is designed with aluminum lip and graphite arbor.


  • The reel is highly reliable for usage in any water body under extreme conditions.
  • Made from high-quality material, it is well protected against rust.
  • Also, its water tight construction prevents the entry of any water elements to its interior.


  • The Aluminum bail ended up getting stuck many times during the span of testing.
  •  The reel retrieve isn’t that smoother it should have been with 9BBs.
  • Foam handle and graphite sides at times end up making the reel appear low in terms of quality.

5. Abu Garcia Pro Max Profile Spinning Reel

Abu Garcia Pro Max Profile Spinning ReelThis spinning fishing reel from Abu Garcia is highly smooth and possess a great chance of casting from even a good distance.

The spool tensioner and the star drag are very handy i.e. they can be adjusted as per your requirement.

Also, the attached audible clicks help you in ascertaining whether the reel is functioning properly or not.

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This spinning reel is smooth and handy for use by not just experienced fishermen but also by novices. Pro Max is a fast gear model and one of the best available from the brand Abu Garcia.

It has been constructed as per the state of the art technology and hence you are less or not likely to come across signs of grinding, loosening or any such negative attributes even after several months of regular usage.

  • This spinning reel consists of 7 Ball bearings made from stainless steel along with 1 roller bearing for enhancing smooth operation.
  • The spool is made from double anodized machined aluminum and renders adequate strength without any addition of weight.
  • Higher drag performance is added by the power disk drag structure.
  • For extended life, it comes with brass gear.
  • The consistency of the brake pressure is maintained by Magtrax Brake structure throughout the span of casting.


  • It is well made and sturdy.
  • Promises continuous usage without any difficulty for years.
  • Can be used easily by not just experts but a novice too.


  • Suitable only for bass fishing

If you are looking ahead for a sturdy spinning reel for bass fishing, this is one that you can add to your shopping cart reliably.

6. Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT Reel

Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT ReelThis spinning fishing reel is one of the lightest reel available from this brand and is also considered lightest among almost all others reels available in the market.

It delivers optimum performance without any major issues. Its tight construction keeps away water and water elements from reaching the interior and causing damage by the formation of rust.

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Pflueger SUPXTSP30X Supreme XT Reel features lightweight magnesium made the body. The reel rooter too is made from light weight magnesium and is hence corrosion resistant.

Its construction makes it one reliable for inshore/Freshwater usage without any difficulty. Your fishing hours will become highly comfortable using this reel.

  • It comes with a braid ready spool made of aluminum. It keeps the spool hitched to the braid tightly.
  • The spool is combined with carbon fiber made drag and together make this reel suitable for freshwater/inshore fishing.
  • This reel has got 10 stainless steel made ball bearings.
  • The handle is made of carbon and is estimated to be around 21% light weighted than aluminum.


  • The construction of this reel makes it very reliable for use without exerting much stress.
  • Despite being light weighted, it is durable.
  • Its tight construction keeps away any water elements from reaching the interior and causing damage.
  • It is highly suitable for freshwater or inshore fishing.
  • Using this, you can cast from even a distance.


  • There are higher chances of paints to chip off from certain areas of this spinning reel within a few months upon regular usage.

If you are looking for a light weight fishing spinning reel for freshwater, you can proceed with this one.

7. The  Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder Reel

The  Okuma Avenger Baitfeeder ReelAvenger ABF spinning reel reflects accurately the refinement and precision of years of research and development. Surely it stands as a unique combo of impressive features of that are incorporated carefully to enhance its efficiency.

Not to be overlooked, it comes with the brand’s patent ‘live line bait feeding’ structure. This series stands up as one giving a tough competition to all other reels available in the market.

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Using this reel, you will get to benefit a lot from its ultra-smooth construction. Its system works by allowing the fish to pick up the bait with the drag keeping the fish on the line.

However, here the fish won’t feel the drag and hence will not find scopes of running away. Talking of its spool, it comes properly fitted to the Japanese oil soaked smooth drag washers.

  • This reel has got 6 stainless steel made sealed BB (ball bearings)
  • It makes use of the live bait feeding structure which stands as Okuma’s signature.
  • Along with those 6 BBs, there is an anti-reverse roller bearing as well.
  • It stands for its anti-corrosion construction by restricting the entry of water elements to the interior reliably.


  • Possess anti-corrosion graphite made the body.
  • Also, it’s bail wire is made of stainless steel is carrion resistant.
  • It possesses a computerized rotor system.
  • It has got an S-Curve oscillation structure.
  • The handle is made of aluminum and is hence light weighted.


  • Inconsistency prevails with the process of turning on the bait feeder.
  • The joint that holds the reel handle is feeble and possess chances of coming out.

Possessing top class features, this spinning reel is one that comes within an affordable range.

8. PENN Squall level wind reels SQL50LW

Penn Squall Level Wind ReelThe PENN Squall level wind reels are the very next successors of the GT reels range but compared to the latter, the former series comes with certain upgraded that are taken in concern for the welfare of the both the experienced and novice fishermen.

Your fishing experience will become even more joyous with the use of the PENN Squall level SQL50LW wind reel.

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This one from the PENN Squall series comes with anti-reverse bearing, various capacity line rings along with their respective versa- handle.

A machined brass made main gear is paired with a durable stainless steel made pinion gear thus making the reel stand as a perfect combination of smoothness and strength.

  • It comes with 2 ball bearings and one roller bearing.
  • The gear ratio of this spinning reel is 4.0:1 while its weight is 24.6 oz.
  • It holds recommendable line capacities to hold the fish even in the choppy state.
  • Its stainless steel made pinion gear not only stands for high strength but also is known for its ideal smoothness.
  • The main gear is made from machined bronze alloy.


  • It has undergone the durability and quality test and has emerged with top rates.
  • It is suited best for professionals, though novices to can adhere to its usage.
  • Its light weight is due to its graphite side plates and frame.
  •  It’s HT-100 drag smooth washers remain cool even during a rigorous battle with the target.



Though as a novice, you can take up to its use. There are chances whereby you can face difficulty using it.

Its construction makes it one highly desirable for use.

9. KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel

KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting ReelKastKing Rover Round Baitcasting reel is a top class conventional reel. Best suited for both freshwater and saltwater bodies, this casting reel comes with a carbon fiber drag and completely reinforced metal body.

It is highly durable and possesses watertight construction that successfully keeps away the entry of water as well as any water elements to the reel body.

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This casting reel is light weighted and easy to use under any circumstance.

Constructed adhering to the state of the art technology, this casting reel possess double anodized aluminum spool, side plates, machined durable steel shaft, an alloy made level wind, stainless steel made worm gear, durable brass gears and various other components all of which are anti-corrosive. Hence you can rely on this spinning reel for a long-term usage.

  • It is its carbon fiber made drag system that adds value to this bait casting reel from KastKing Rover.
  • It comes with EVA grip that enhances its ease of use.
  • It has 6 stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing with Reel size ranging from 40 to 60 whereas those within a range of 70 to 90 will have 4 ball bearings and one roller bearing. All these play a major role to smoothen its use.


  • It’s stronger and powerful construction is capable enough to lure you.
  • Its construction makes it suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.
  • It is highly convenient for bottom fishing as well as trolling.
  • As per power, design, and performance, this fishing spinning reel isn’t going to disappoint you in any way.


It is suitable for lifting fishes weighing only up to 9 kg.

This spinning reel is a great choice if you are looking for a fantastic one that is equally durable, efficient and affordable.

10. Daiwa Round Profile Reel

Daiwa Round Profile Millionaire Classic Baitcast ReelThis bait cast reel featuring a classic shape and look stands the best choice for women who are interested in fishing. Though men are not abandoned from its use,

Though men are not abandoned from its use, but its construction has been made keeping into concern the growing interest of fishing among women. Meant only for freshwater fishing, it comes with a color combination consisting of silver and red.

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It boasts high-end features, premium construction and intends to ease freshwater as well as inshore saltwater fishing. Made from machined aluminum and stainless steel, the entire product is corrosion resistant along with being durable and easy to be accessed.


  • It comes with a gear ratio measuring 5.1:1 and possesses the capability of carrying a weight up to 9.8oz.
  • While its line /crank is 24.5”, the line capacity is 12 out 210 and the drag max is 8.8.
  • This fishing spinning reel consists of 2 Ball Bearings and 1 roller bearing all of which makes it easy and reliable for use.


  • It’s infinite/countless anti-reverse easily takes upon the fighters.
  • Due to its précised construction, it is very sturdy and durable.
  • You enjoy 4 size choices with this spinning reel i.e. 300LH, 300RH, 250 RH and 250LH


  • It comes with only 2 ball bearings.

The Daiwa spinning reel is a worthy addition to your fishing gear irrespective of whether you are an experienced or novice angler.


Thank you so much for being on this post. In this post, I have given my authentic review on the best spinning reel. You have no chances going wrong opting for any of the spinning reels recommended above. They are all designed for saltwater and freshwater fishing. With durable, lightweight and well built, the drag of each of the reels will reliably keep the fish the online, even in the choppy conditions.

Each of the above-mentioned reels possesses different features all of which make them highly desirable by almost all experienced and novice anglers. For instance, those looking a for a smooth and lightweight reel, the Okuma Trio is the best one while for the hi-tech anglers; the lightweight Shimano Stradic C14+ comes up as a reliable choice.

The Penn Spinfisher, on the other hand, stand as a good choice for those keen to go out for heavy catches to the sea while the Pflueger possessing various tools help rookie anglers learn the trade with ease. This also applies to the Penn squall level wind reel and the Okuma Avenger ABF spinning reel.

As of other reels stated here, all are excellent in their respective stances and hence assures you of amazing fishing experiences.Fishing is rightly stated as an unforgettable experience as stated by Robert Altman.

You just put the line in the deep shallow water with high expectations but you aren’t really sure of what is going to come up from the other end. It is your imagination that works high to keep your focus consistent.

With the use of these above-recommended fishing spinning reels, you hold chances of letting your imagination to go wild with the wide range of fishes you will be catching. So go ahead with these spinning reels available with amazon.com and have a great fishing experience.

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