Best Fish Finder for Money : Reviews 2017

Best Fish Finder for Money : Reviews 2017
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Hello, How are you? Hope you are doing well. You are on my site because you are finding best fish finder or you wanted to get more information about fish finders. You have landed to a very right post. Before telling anything, I would like to say that I am not a pro in fishing, but I love fishing and I am doing it since last 5 years. So through my blog, I am going to sharing my experiences, knowledge and my research about the fishing.

Fishing is one of the adventurous hobbies, and if you love fishing and want to catch many fishes then you surely need a fish finder. Many professionals also use fish finders. They enable you to detect the fish location. But how do you know which product is the best fish finder? And which one do you require? Which one offers decent features at a lower cost? Which is the most sold? Well to answer all of your these questions one we are here.

Here is the list of the top best fish finder products that you can scan and choose the one which fits your budget and pocket list as well.



A very new and yet best fish finder, which is now one of the most sold. The Garmin echo 551DV offers the fishing sonar and larger and clear picture display. With this you can go to the depth of 2300 feet as the transducer has 500 watts of power; this even has a dual beam transducer which uses the 77/200 kHz and a frequency of 50/200 kHz.

One can easily spot the fishes on the screen as the display resolution of this product is excellent and is 480 X 640.

It has DownVu capabilities that allow the photographically view the structure of the fish underneath the boat.

It has many other features that include waterproofing and audio alarms. These audio alarms alert you with when to be ready and cast the fish. For the easy installation of the device, one can just do it with the tilt swivel and transform mount and it has a low-profile trolling motor inducer. Though the cost of it is a bit high, it is worth a try.

Here is the link to this fish finder on the Amazon

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This fish finder can give readings up to 1000 ft underwater; this has 250 watts and 50 KHz. This has the new brand technology of the HDI, broadband sounder down scan imaging.  The screen of this is amazing because of the high-resolution imaging.

The USP of the Lowrance Elite 5x HDI is that it combines the traditional sonar with the down scan with its down scan overlay. The primary function that it has to offer is the finding structure, but it cannot really spot an individual fish. So there is no complete accuracy, but with sonar technology, this device displays both the structure and the device display on the screen, with this one can basically see every rock and fish because of this.

This product even has an advanced features signal processing technology that can provide with the easier use of the unit.

The Lowrance elite 5X HDI technology has the multi-window display which allows a three-panel viewing.  The reviews of this product are all positive and good and it is worth a try.

Here is the link to this fish finder on the Amazon.

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Another good fish finder from the same series which is winning many people’s hearts. The Lowrance elite 7X has one of the biggest screens among all the fish finding models. Not only this but the screen also offers better resolution, brightness, and contrasts, it is approximate of 7 inches. With this screen quality, one can even view the fishes on the screen with the brightest sunlight and wider angel.  The backlight is also adjustable and it is better for sunlight and even at night.

The Lowrance elite 7X even has a good 250 watts RMS power of the sounder, it even has an 83/ 200 kHz frequency.  The USP of this is the down scan sonar features which are of about 455/800 kHz frequency and this gives a clear picture of the objects which are even below the surface of the water and the bottom structure.

It even gives images of the fishes using its down scanning technology under the boat, so the efficiency of this Lowrance elite 7X is just marvelous. The cost of this fish finder is also reasonable in comparison to its features.

Here is the link of this fish finder product on Amazon.

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This bird also features wide 7-inch display. The LED backlit LCD of this fish finder gives bright and crystal clear. So with this, you can see easily even in the brightest sunlight. The dual beam plus enables one to explore more coverage under the water.

The best feature of the Humminbird 859Ci HD GPS is the power of 4000 watts and the PTP output. Giving a combination of GPS and a fish finder this is the best fish finder.  It even has an internal GPS feature which has built-in cartography with the SD card slots,   one can use one slot for cartography and the second for saving waypoints, screenshots and also the sonar recordings. The Humminbird 859CI HD fish finder is one of the best fish finders and it even has a new higher speed processor and switches fire as well, this fish finder gives more value to the cost you will be investing in it.  It even offers new cosmetics and is surely worth a try and the best option in the list.

Here is the link of this fish finder product on the Amazon

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One of the cheapest fish finders with a 4-inch display, this is giving a black and white touch to the screen. It doesn’t display any other colors as well. The most innovative feature of this is target technology which gives the user all the details about the fish.

The Garmino echo 100 has a single sonar beam frequency of about 200 kHz and this allows the monitoring of the underwater up till the depth of 600ft.  This is one of the best fish finders for the fresh water fishing.

The watts of the sonar power of the Garmino echo 100 is relatively low to 100 watts only but it is the best at this reasonable rate.  The garmino echo 100 is subdivided into three sizes.

  • 4inch display, 1200ft depth
  • 4-inch display 600 ft depth
  • 5-inch display 150ft depth

This is one of the lowest cost fish finders, one can easily afford this and also the features of this are averagely good. One can surely give this fish finder a try if you are a first timer and a learner and do not want to invest much.

Here is the link to the fish finder product on Amazon

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The feature of this fish finder has the features of other costly models and it is still sold at a reasonable rate. The Raymarine Dragonfly has CHIRP technology that displays pictures of the fishes like imagery with a very high-resolution structure as it has a very wide spectrum of frequencies.

The screen size of this fish finder is better than average and is about 5.7 inches and one can get a wide display of the ongoing activities under water.  The Raymarine dragonfly has a very powerful sonar engine and can even simultaneously display the sonar images and the down vision.

One can alternatively use each fish independently with this fish finder. This model also includes a 50 channel GPS that is featuring a fast acquisition technology.  One can surely give this a try, but the cost of this is quite higher than others as the quality assurance is also longer and it is a durable product.

Here is the link to the fish finder product on Amazon.

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This is one of the top fish finder products, the USP of this fish finder is that it is portable and can be carried anywhere everywhere easily. The device is very user-friendly as it doesn’t require any wiring and rigging while you are using the device.

The Humminbird 140 C fishing buddy can use extendable transducer tube of the housing with the length suitable for small and midsized boats.

This gives a clear image of the fishes as it has 256 color TFT screen, and it gives a reading up to 240 feet.  This charge of the unit lasts up to 30 hours and its side giving features which give accurate readings.  This gives a full coverage of the area without any hassle. The fish finder also has temperature feature included in the product.

The watts of the fish finder are excellent and are about 1000 watts, and one can even choose a black and white version and also a color version of this product.

This product is not even costly and one can easily afford it and this makes it worth a try.

Here is the link of this fish finder product on Amazon

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The color flasher Humminbird ICE 35, a very reasonable and four-star fish finder product. This has selectable dual frequency sonar.  It has a 3 color fiber optic display and this gives a clear picture of the fish under water. The depth capacity of this Humminbird ICE 35 has a good capacity of about 200 ft.

And it has extreme LCD technology that reports the lake bottom and automatically sets the flasher.  It has a power capacity of 800 watts of peak to peak and it even includes a battery.

This is user-friendly and one can go for this fish finder product as the cost of this is reasonable and the features they are giving are better than the expectation.

Here is the link of this fish finder product on Amazon

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This fish finder product not only stands out of the competition because of its relatively low cost of 57 dollars but also its features,  it has a virtuview icon display and also the excellent feature of water depth detection.

The USP of this fish finder product is its portability and one can even have boat mountable which makes it even more flexible while using.

The Hawkeye’s FT1P fish trax virtuview even has a bottom composition indicators and the virtuview icon display is of two types

  • HD color virtuview display.
  • Dot matrix display.

The cost of this is cheap and this fish finder product is worth a try especially for the beginners and the one who are learning fishing. This is not at all costly will surely fit your pocket and it provides with decent features you may require in the beginning to fetch the fish easily.  The product justifies the value cost of it and,

Here is the link of this fish finder product on Amazon

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one of the top fish finders and the most sold is the nor cross Hawkeye F33P model. It is very simple to use and user-friendly, so it gives away a hassle free experience to the user. And if you are looking for a portable device with a minimum cost then this is the best device one can buy.  This device can give readings of a depth of 100 ft of fishes and weeds.  And the downside of this fish is that it doesn’t draw the image specifically but only shows the structure of where the fish is. So this is one of the best for the beginner’s models.

The tiny size of this fish finder product is that you can carry it anywhere anyhow easily. There is no mounting of the product required because of its incredible size.  All you have to do is just simply throw the transducer of the product in the water to detect the fish. As the small fish finder does the mountings tabs and it comes with the boat if you wish.

Here is the link of this fish finder product on Amazon

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So these are the top 10 best fish finder products, you can scan these options and choose one of them.


If you want to know more about the particular fish finder then you can follow the Amazon link. Yes, Amazon is trustable in the industry and I am also using it. It is a very good place to buy fish finder at a good price.

Thank you so much for being on this post, and giving your valuable time. So in this post, I have shared best fish finder reviews. All the fish finders which are included in the post are top rated in last year and personally, I have used them. As I listed around 10 fish finders, one or more models can fit into your requirements and budget.

If you want to buy fish finder, then here is a tip for you. Always don’t compare the only price of the product, you should also compare their features too. So by comparing their features & price according to your need you may get your best value fish finder.

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