Best Spinning reel under 50, 100 ,150 Dollars- 2017 Top Models Reviewed!

What we see in a product before buying it? Average cost plus good quality? Without a shadow, I can say the best spinning reels are the products that are below the range of 150 dollars. It is somewhere in between that we all can afford the Reel and still save some money for buying the fishing worms.

So in this post, you will get

  • Best Spinning reel under 50
  • Best Spinning reel under 100
  • Best Spinning reel under 150

As the price is not certainly Penny’s one still has to look at the features and quality of the product and here are we for you. Providing a good deal at reasonable prices and best quality of spinning reels fewer than 150 dollars is our work.

So read more about the features of the spinning reels and choose your spinning reel in your budget bracket itself.

Best Spinning Reel Under 50,100,150 Dollars – Comparison

Product NameBudget 
ABU GARCIA ORRA SUnder $100Check Price
MITCHELL 300 PROUnder $100Check Price
OKUMA TRIO 30SUnder $100Check Price
PENN CLASH 2500 MODELUnder $150Check Price
KASTKING BLADEUnder $150Check Price
TACT PROUnder $150Check Price

Best spinning reel under 50 dollars

1. The Shimano Sienna Fd Spinning Reel

Shimano Sienna Spinning ReelA very well known brand, as well as easy to use and has a trustworthy design all under 50 dollars only. The dragging ability of this spinning reel is around 8 pound which is on an average a good capacity. The Shimano Sienna FD spinning reel is also light in weight so this is another plus point. The quality of the reel is high which will help you to fetch a medium sized fish easily.

Highlighted features

  • Smooth and great drags system
  • Ultra light device
  • Easy casting because of good fire II features
  • Perform great 4lb and 6lb test

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2. Plfueger President spinning reel

Pflueger President Spinning ReelThis product is well known in the market for its outlook and finishing touch as well as its ultra smooth action. And the price of this being under 50 dollars is complimentary. This spinning reel has an anti- bearing system in it and it is complete nylon. The dragging capacity of the spinning reel is 12 pounds but the weight of this is heavier and is about 12.8 ounces. The reviews of the customers of this spinning reel are positive as it complements its price.

Highlighted features

  • Easy to use
  • Rubber inserts on the spool
  • Quick start and stop, flexible control

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3. Daiwa Spinning Reel

Daiwa Crossfire Front Drag Spinning Fishing ReelA reel which is best in both the worlds of salt and fresh water both with a dragging capacity of 33 ounces it is better than both the shimano and Plfueger. The cost of this is though comparatively high but so are the features it has to offer.  It has few metal parts and not really flexible for women as it is big in size, this is the best in salt water and it is also corrosion resistant. The deal this spinning reel has to offer is the best.

Highlighted features

  • Designed for weight action
  • Ball bearing systems are installed
  • One reverse rotation

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Recommended Best spinning reels under $100

1. Abu Garcia Orra S review

Abu Garcia Pro Max Profile Spinning ReelOne of the finest products fewer than 100 dollars is Abu Garcia Orra S. This product is not only priced reasonably but also offers incredibly awesome features. The product is built on a 6 HPCR ball hearing and so it has a very high-performance corrosion result.  It also has a unique insert modelled frame designed is called IM-C6. This includes an X crafting alloy gear box into a mould form.  The handle design of this is a little rough to hold.   The two designs called the “rocket line management” and the “rocket spool lip design” this is installed with an aim to manage the line type flexible.

Highlighted features

  • Easy to use and uniquely designed model
  • Weight is less and around 8.6 oz
  • Bearings – 6

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2. Mitchell 300 pro

Mitchell 300 PRO ReelAnother best spinning reel under 100 dollars, the Mitchell spinning reel is a classic updated version of the 300 series reel. All the new features of a spinning reel are integrated into this product and yet this has still maintained the image of the affordable brands, the reel body is polymeric and it has a jet black matte colour which gives an awesome touch to the spinning reel.

The customer reviews though state that it has a minor flex which is barely noticeable in the spinning reel.  The Mitchell 300 pro has a nice 5:8:1 ratio as well so this makes it one of the best lowcost reel. The dragging capacity of this spinning reel is good, it is about 14 lbs and it has braid ready lime green aluminum.

Highlighted features

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Weight is average with awesome features
  • Bearings – 9

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3. Okuma Trio 30S

Okuma Trio Standard Spinning ReelA very high-speed spinning reel, this is one of the best spinning reels available in the market falling under the budget bracket of 100 dollars. The weight of this spinning reel is 9. Ounces and it has one of the best dragging capacity which is of 18lbs so if you are looking for something that allows you to fish a medium size fish then this is the best one. It has around 9 bearings in total and provides flexibility.

The customer reviews are very positive; this is one of the most purchased spinning reels as it has many things to offer at a budget rate.

Highlighted features

  • Easy to use
  • Rubber inserts on the spool
  • Quick start and stop, flexible control

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Best spinning reels under $150 Review

1. Penn clash spinning reel (2500 model)

PENN SpinFisher V Spinning ReelA very beautiful outlook with awesome features, having a very high quality of 8 ball bearings as well as one roller bearing. This is made out complete metal and it even lasts longer. This spinning reel gives comfort for a long day as it has a handle which is covered with foam.

It weighs around 8.5 ounces and so it is averagely heavier than other spinning reels.

The drag system is very smooth and it has a capacity of 12 pounds of pressure. The gear ratio is also great and it has about 6:2:1 as the ratio. And this will enable the spinning reel to pull about 33 inches.

The drag knob of this is easy to access and it becomes very easy to handle the fish while you are fishing.

Highlighted features

  • Easy to use
  • The line capacity of fetching any issue is the best
  • Cheap in rate in comparison to its features.

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2. Kastking Blade spinning reels

KastKing Assassin Carbon Baitcasting ReelA spinning reel which has an ability to tackle both fresh water as well as saltwater. This enables you to fulfil your inshore and offshore both the fishing experiences worthy. The craftsmanship and the quality this has to offer are just marvellous. The construction of this is superior and is focused on improving the quality of the fishing experience of a person.

The blade of the spinning reel has a synthetic encasement and has a metal reel foot of the blade.

The kastking blade even has a fibre drag washer with an 11 shielded stainless steel bearing and the best part of this spinning reels is its precision machined gears.

The entire system fits in this reel enables smooth delivery of the fishing activity.

Highlighted features

  • This has a computer balanced rotor
  • It has 1 shielded stainless steel
  • It has a great power to weight the ratio
  • It has a line capacity of 22 lbs and can drag a weight of around 10 Kg

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3. Tact pro saltwater spinning reel

If you searching for a spinning reel which will give you the best experience in salt water it is the tact pro saltwater spinning reel. One can try this reel as it has many features to offer in the budget itself.

This wheel is well structured with a heavy duty aluminium body; this has waterproofing system fit in the reel as well. The reel is so well designed that I can easily design the salt corrosion so do not have to worry about the reel getting rusted in the salt water.

The reel also has a manual bail closure with lock and a worm gear level wind. The tact pro saltwater spinning reel even has an interchangeable and foldable handle at both the end towards the right and left both.

This is the best option if you are looking to fish a medium sized fishing spinning reel under 150 dollars.

The reel weighs on about 380 grams of weight which overall reduces the weight of the rod and it is very flexible to use and it is well-equipped spinning reel.

Highlighted features

  • Flexible and light weighted
  • User-friendly and well equipped
  • Smooth motion and doesn’t rust in salt water so works like an asset
  • The tact pro saltwater spinning reel is anti-falling and anti- crashing.
  • The streamlined body of this spinning reel is ultra thin
  • It has an excellent line lay oscillation system

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Spinning Reel Buying Guide

What must one see before checking out the spinning reels? What are the features one must look for?

  • User-friendly – complicated products are unwanted, everyone wants something that is flexible and easy to use. And when it comes to reel you want something that is surely light weight and you can hold easily.
  • Materials – when we say light weighted it doesn’t mean that it is only made of plastic it has aluminum as well, this way it is light weighted and doesn’t rust soon though if you use a stainless steel wheel there are chances that it rusts soon.
  • Line capacity – In case you are looking to catch hold of something really long then make sure your line capacity is longer than what you expect. In case you are hoping for something real one then make sure that you have a reel that can strain so long. So before buying check the capacity of the spinning reels.
  • Unsealed drags and bearings – One must also see the number of bearings the reel has to offer. To save on the extra cost, the drag stacks are usually not covered and sealed so that they can sell at cheaper rates. Well, this doesn’t really play a major role until you are fishing on a beach or at a sandy place where you can sneak its way into the components and might affect the smoothness of the equipment as the whole.
  • No spare tools – not every spinning reel come with a spare tool, usually, the ones sold under the cost budget of 100 dollars come with only one spool. The good thing about this is that the standard spools are at the rate of 100 dollars are all braids and so it is important to focus on this point especially when you are using a spinning reel for bash fishing.
  • The weight of the spinning reel – This is also very important point one must consider before buying a spinning reel. Do not buy very heavy weighted spinning reels as then they are not easy to handle and are out of the comfy zone. Make sure that you buy an average weighted spinning reel so that you can fish without facing any trouble.
  • Rod – Ideally a fishing spinning reel rod must be tapper so that it is tight enough to hold on to the grip of the fish. Make sure you read the complete guide of how to use this rod for fishing, the weight of the rod is also important so one must try to buy an averagely weighted rod which can pull off at least a medium sized fish. The smooth functioning of the rod is very important in a spinning reel.

Final Verdict

With the above-mentioned information you can go ahead and shop as many spinning reels you want, every one of them has its own features and is doing incredibly good in comparison to the rate price of it.

If you are looking for good and decent features to be offered at a reasonable rate then these were the options available for you.

Thank you.

Best Spinning reel under 50, 100 ,150 Dollars- 2017 Top Models Reviewed!
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